I am Elena.
I am happy to see you at our website. You seem to be wondering who I am?

Some official information goes first. I am a Moscow State Linguistic University graduate, I hold a PhD (in Germanic languages). I speak English, German and Japanese.

I have been teaching at MSLU since 2001. Naturally, working along one and the same curriculum at a university is not exactly thrilling, so I have also worked for various language courses, for I. Frank Language School, given classes to different age groups of students (3.5 – 60+); at some point I specialised in teaching people to memorise foreign words with the help of their imagination and funny associations at “Rational Reading School” and so on and so forth. But this is just the formal side of the matter.

I enjoy communicating and working with people of all ages and personalities, people with different aims. I love seeing people become happier and more self-confident as they make progress in language learning. I find it very important to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere in class. Don’t you think that when we help each other, when we are creative together, we achieve success as if by magic?

I believe in hard work when learning a foreign language. However, we can turn any serious work into a funny, creative, playful, joyful activity! That is why in our projects we offer you films, games, books and poems, drawing and painting and many other things. It will make us happy to see that our approach has helped you to find your own way into the Language Kingdom (or, at least, if it helps you smile more often and enjoy communicating with other people).


Good afternoon to you!

My name is Vera, and I am one of the co-hosts of the language projects available at this website.
I graduated from Moscow State Teacher Training University (specialty – teacher of English language and biology), I also graduated from medical college, and I have certificates on children’s neuropsychology and guide-interpreter cources. I constantly study and develop my language skills, as I believe that this is the way to maintain high level of professionalism in my work.

I love English language and many things connected with it. I teach English mostly to kids and teenagers, do written translations and copywriting, work as a sequential interpreter, maintain business correspondence on multifarious topics.

Beside the language itself and the working methods of its teaching, I am interested in the PLAY component in my classes (both for children and adults). I believe that playing and the natural humorous atmosphere, created as a result, helps people (adults in particular) to perceive and master a foreign language. Besides, I use some psychological techniques in my lessons in order to make language mastery and general process of self-development easier for everyone.

In the future, my dream and desire is to create educational and developmental center for kids & teenagers where foreign languages, psychological support, physical and creative activities go side by side for the unique purpose of harmonious development of each unique personality.

You are welcome to explore the world of language and let us make discoveries together!