Dear Friends!

Our main aim and desire is to make your communication in English relaxed, comfortable and full of fun! That is why we use the format of “meetings and discussions at cafes”. At our meetings we do various “seemingly serious things” in informal and pleasant atmosphere over a cup of tea/coffee.

We offer the so-called “Tea and Coffee” classes, where we discuss these terrific drinks in English, share our stories/reports, opinions and preferences, and certainly enjoy high-quality tea and coffee.

We conduct cafe classes devoted to lots of other topics, such as “My Favourite Film (Scene)”, “Relationships”, “Music in my Life” and lots, lots of others! The main topic of the general discussion and the topics of the participants’ reports are announced in advance, so that you can prepare something interesting personally for you.

English Cafe Games

During the class, we also play various related language games. The games are chosen to suit the topic of the discussion, they contain useful language expressions and modern language material. While playing, we invent our own stories in English, find ways out of funny “problem situations”, learn to react in a witty and natural way in English – that is, we create new ideas and develop making use of the accumulated knowledge of the language!

You are always welcome with further exciting suggestions! Do join us!

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Faithfully yours,
Vera & Elena