We have the following projects in development:

  1. Storytelling in English (class for kids): At these meetings we will be reading simple fairy-tales/stories aloud. We will learn to understand English speech by listening, understand key phrases/speech patterns and draw the things we learned with coloured pencils. The materials are authentic and most of them are English folk tales & short stories.
  2. Class for Young Journalists (for kids over 10 y.o. and teenagers). Here we will learn to work as true journalists/pressmen. We will collect interesting data, news and inventions in various spheres of life; then we will learn to create articles and news items out of these pieces of information. The articles will be published in electronic version. The best journalists will take part in further contests on a larger scale. This project is currently under discussion. Hurry up, young celebrities! 😉
  3. Psychology in English (for adults): We will be watching and studying films and videos from psychological viewpoint. While watching films of different film directors and made in different countries, we will make pauses and discuss the behaviour of the main characters and their motivation. We will try to predict the next step the person is going to make based on their character traits and typical behaviour. Participants: over 18; Language requirements: Intermediate and above.
  4. Musical Class in English (for everyone): In this class, we will learn and sing songs in English via karaoke. The programme and schedule will depend on the group’s choice and interests (songs for children and their parents, teenager class, songs for adults). It will also be a special type of activity for children’s classes (Fun English for Kids).

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